White Girl Evolution

First off I must say, I love white girls. Totally obsessed and I want them all the time. 

skinny but cute white girl

not meant to be insulting

All the different sizes, shapes, shades, color, attitudes and smells, ahhh. I love them. But but at one point long ago, and I know I'm generalizing, it seemed like many white girls were thin, skinny and not such a big deal. 

← Kind of like this. They were nice and sweet girls who you'd see in the lunch area with a friend or two but they weren't standing out in the crowd. They might even help with your math work or hold your place in line while you get something out of another line during lunch. Braces on their teeth, glasses, the works lol.







But then at some point in the mid to late 90s we started seeing stuff like this!


And this!



Leah Gotti, Lana Rhoades Blacked.com




Abigail Mac

↓ And even this has a lot of hottness and makes fan of the white girl all the more crazy. ↓


Jewel De'Nyle

Jewel De'Nyle - 1st female owner of an adult video company. Platinum X Pictures

Porn has always had IR scenes, and the girls were hot. But not as many were has hot as today. When Jewel De'Nyle decided to go IR I thought I was going to jump out of the car on the freeway lol. But now, today with sites like Blacked.com, DarkX.com, Teensloveblackcock.com, Blackloads.com, Dogfartnetwork.com and others there's a treasure trove of material to discover.1











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