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The subject of Interracial sex between a black man and a white woman is still very taboo but is often acted upon in the privacy of people lives all over the world. We see it as mixed couples but the down and dirty of this subject is usually not spoken about above a whisper. A black man generally has a larger penis than men of other races. White women are generally taught to keep a certain distance from black men, but somehow the two are drawn together. Even if a prude, like a Fox News anchor, may have her passing thoughts about interracial sex from time to time. And boy are some of the Fox News anchors hot. For sure. As I was saying, white women and black men have been playing against the sexual tension for hundreds of years and still, most people don’t know where this tension comes from. But what happens when that tension is broken and the two are able to get together the fireworks that take place can light up the entire east coast. The one place where this can be seen regularly is in porn.