1st White Girl Crush

I went to middle school in the San Fernando Valley, what is sometimes called Porn Valley. I was from Los Angeles and there was tension in the beginning but it san_fernando_valley_view323184728_stdsubsided after a while. Farrah Fawcett It was always cold in the mornings and I was always glad I didn't have P.E. class for 1st period. But in the 8th grade guess what? I was assigned 1st period P.E.. Not nice.
We had to wear tiny shorts and the school T-shirts. There were several white girls in the class. They were nice in general and nice to me
in particular. There was this one girl who had thick black hair and a cute face. Probably 5'3" and well built. We would sit in a circle on the ground Indian style (legs folded). The P.E. teacher would stand in the middle of the circle and talk to the class. One day I looked at the dark-haired girl who was sitting in a part of the circle opposite from me. I looked down at her shoes for some reason and there it was. Her thick black pussy bush was staring at me right in the face. I was still a virgin, very excitable and couldn't believe it. I tried not to stare but it was amazing.

hairy pussy

I know today people don't get it but a hairy pussy made it clear you were looking at pussy and not a part of her leg. I'd look away but I kept going back for more views. And this wasn't pay-per-view this was free streaming - free! I couldn't stop. And she was cute. Kind of like if Farrah Fawcett had black hair.

But then it came time to get up because the teacher handed out our assignment. To run 10 laps around the field. And wouldn't you know it, I had a boner. I couldn't get up. I wouldn't get up. I couldn't let the class see my 8th grade bulge saluting the sky. I sat there while they ran 2 laps until the blood returned to my legs Then I got up and ran. Middle school hi-jinx  

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